One Man, Many Temperaments

Jemil Metti’s writing revolves around contentious, social, political and economic issues in the Middle East. His stories attempt to demonstrate how they’ve impacted millions of lives over many centuries since the birth of civilization on this corner of the earth.


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Complete this reading, and you'll thank your lucky stars I was never invited to sit on the presidential throne of any American college or university. Let me share one sample of my executive order to see why I could have potentially made you want to pull the front-door welcome mat from underneath my flat feet. To qualify for admission, each student would have to provide evidence to the admissions office that they had spent at least one year in one economically low-developed country, carrying the scars and the all-too familiar symptoms struggling nations endure: high unemployment, poverty, and illiteracy rates, damaged infrastructure, and the like. And what exactly is this fuss all about? So, you could be given a chance to learn with the aid of the pillars of a simple message; in fact, one simple word. Appreciation!

Yep, that's it. You see, I went on a similar journey many years ago when I encountered a caring generosity toward my education upon my return from Iraq in 1970. My Ed.D. degree was earned through the aid of a fellowship. So, from broadcast to print journalism, and from Real Estate sales to weekend TV to education, I'm finally immersed into my writing craft. I appreciate the fact that no other place on the face of this planet would have allowed me the freedoms I exercised as a citizen of the United States. I'm indebted to all my American friends and professors at Northern Illinois, S.U.N.Y-Binghamton and Wayne State University who were collectively responsible for my success. They continue to be constant reminders of one immortal African saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Thus, thank you for giving me the privilege to be part of the American village; the American dream.

Featured Books – Must Read!

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Jemil Metti

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Jemil Metti writes with family experiences and the circumstances he had to go through. Jemil decided to turn to fiction writing to give a perspective to the sufferings of an area he understood best. He has garnered 14 years of his existence in the Middle East, mostly in Iraq.

He writes about the academic challenges he faced and encountered. The books talk about his struggle with getting acquainted with the culture as a child.