Something About Me Mr. Ordinary


Is my existence just a coincidence? That's the kind of question I asked myself starting at the tender age of four.  I couldn't figure out the emergence of mountains, valleys, and in-between landscapes on my imaginary canvases begging me to transfer from brain to ink so I could include them in my stories.  I quenched for a human voice that would encourage me to risk failure and take charge of a pen or pencil brimming with confidence every time a block of experience was cemented to the diverse structures that would eventually house my stories. Perception Wars: Iraq from the Outside In was the therapeutic outcome that helped free my pathway into adulthood from motherless childhood demons.  The Pahlavi Sword represented global universal voices taking a stance against torture. Operation Olive Tree is an attempt to derail the ideology of hatred's ability  from sabotaging the peace process in the birthplace of the world's three major monotheistic faiths: Christianity. Judaism and Islam.